• Do I still need to present my card at benefit partners?

    No. From December 2020, no more physical cards issued. New members are issued with a 7-digit numeric membership number. This membership number is included in the members welcome SMS, received after joining Edgars Club.

  • How do I find my membership number?

    Visit https://members.edgarsclub.co.za/getmymemnum to retrieve your membership number. Please note that you will be required to use the cellphone number linked to your membership.

  • How do I join Edgars Club?

    Please Click here to sign up.

  • Is Club magazine still available?

    Club magazine is no longer available. Please join our social media channels to be informed of all Edgars and Edgars Club news.

  • Can I book directly with Computicket/Checkers/Shoprite?

    All ticket purchases must be made via Edgars Club Customer Care.

  • Can I book directly with Computicket/Checkers/Shoprite?

    All ticket purchases must be made via Edgars Club Customer Care.


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FitChef FAQ’s

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  • How can I claim for Funeral insurance?

    Save the claims contact number 0860 111 343 on your cell phone. Send us a “Hi” on WhatsApp and we will take you through the process step-by-step.

    For new claims or claim enquiries, e-mail hpsadmin@hollard.co.za. To submit claim documents for an existing claim, email lifeclaimsadmin@hollard.co.za.

  • Am I covered for COVID-19?

    You will be happy to know that we will cover your Funeral Plan claims for COVID-19 deaths reported after 1 April 2020.

  • Am I still covered if I don’t pay my Edgars Club fee?

    To ensure that you do not lose your cover, please ensure that your Club fees are paid and up to date.

  • If I do not have a spouse/partner, who is eligible to be entered as a beneficiary for the funeral benefit?

    You may enter one of the following: Parent, child or sibling.

  • Is there a waiting period until my benefit becomes active?

    The benefit becomes valid after 3 months of paying your membership fee and continues as long as you are a valid Club member.

JustGym/Planet Fitness

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Mangwanani African Spa FAQ’s

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Netflorist FAQ’s

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Pet Heaven FAQ’s

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  • Can I purchase more than two tickets in one day?

    You can purchase a maximum of two tickets per day, up to the maximum indicated per month, depending on your membership tier.

  • Can I watch a movie more than once?

    A maximum of two tickets will apply per movie.

  • Can I purchase tickets for someone else?

    The benefit is only for the main member.

  • How many times can I use the benefit?

    There is no limit to the amount of times you can use the benefit.

  • Who is eligible to use the benefit?

    The benefit is available to the main member and immediate family. It can also be used by a member who is rewriting matric. The parents can also be assisted in order to assist the children in turn.

  • What can I be assisted with?

    The panel of qualified teachers are ready to take calls related to homework problems on any subject from Grades 1 – 12 and in any of the major languages. They will also assist the member’s children with any educational related queries.

  • Besides telephonic support, is any other support available?

    The teachers can pre- arrange for a Zoom or Teams lesson to be conducted. The panel of teachers are also willing to be a channel providing raw information for projects. The information is sent by email, is limited to what can be found on the Internet and will not be processed or translated. The aim of a research project is to further skills related to the processing of information and it is vital that learners actively engage in this part of the work.

  • Besides tuition, what other assistance is available?

    • Career Guidance: Career guidance is provided telephonically to learners who require assistance and guidance in this regard by suitably qualified career counsellors.
    • Study Guidelines: Assistance is provided to learners on effective study methods for examinations and tests, but also on approaching speeches or projects and educational assignments.

  • How long can each call be?

    Each call is limited to a maximum of one hour.

  • Are there different people for subjects, meaning, if you have a question on 2 different subjects, do you call in twice to speak to different people, or do you get transferred?

    The member can call in once each day and log a request for the grade each subject. There are different teachers for certain subjects, the teachers will contact the student and assist for each subject.

  • Can you request to speak to a specific teacher if you find they help you best on a certain subject?

    Yes, you can.

  • Can you email your question first before calling, if it's hard to explain? (and include screenshots or images)

    Yes, you can.

  • Are calls charged at normal rates?

    Yes, they are.

Tempest FAQ’s

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